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VitaWipes Deodorant Wipes ToGo - 20 Sheets individually wrapped in a box - 120 Carton Master - 1200 Boxes (24,000 sheets Total)

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100% Vegan • Hypoallergenic • Dermatologically Tested • Paraben & SLS free • NO Harsh chemicals • Aluminium Free • Natural Deodorant Ingredient • Enriched with Vitamin E and much more

(Shop price is 19.99$ for each box)

Buy it now ! USA Only

Each box includes 20 individually packaged deodorant wipes. - You get 1200 boxes in 120 Master Carton at Vendor price and only for limited time

Don’t sweat sweaty underarms anymore with the VitaWipes pre-moistened wipes! These deodorizing wet wipes are designed to mimic the cleansing power of a shower and are ready to clean you off when you’re in a pinch.

They cleanse, tone, and freshen your skin by wiping away existing perspiration and effectively neutralizing the malodorous under your arms, chest or neck. Use anytime, anywhere to stay fresh and dry all day long!

EASY TO USE: PREMIUM BLACK WET ONES (Because even you wouldn't wanna see the dirt and bacteria that has been wiped away)

• Open a single-use cloth wipe pouch. • Pull out the towelette and gently wipe the black colored cloth across your underarms, neck & chest to freshen up in seconds. • Toss the wipe in the trash after use. Each box includes 20 individually packaged deodorant wipes.


The wipes neutralize body odors and leave behind a light, refreshing scent that blends effortlessly with any other perfumes or fragrances you decide to layer on. You can raise your hand in class, hold onto the railing on the subway, and even dance the night away with confidence knowing you smell fresh and clean!


Never be caught off guard in a sweaty situation again! This Deodorant wipes are individually wrapped so you can stash them in your car, slip one into your pocket, or toss a few into your backpack, purse, tote, gym bag, or carry on to always be ready for any sweat inducing scenario. Whether you have a big meeting at work, a school presentation, a night out with friends, or a first date, you’ll always be dry, fresh, and confident! They’re also great for camping, hiking, post-gym activities, and other situations where you don’t have access to a shower.


Stability, Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically tested, VitaWipes Deodorant wipes are suitable for all skin types, proven fit for sensitive skin, and are totally safe for external use. Each wipe is infused with certified ORGANIC green tea extract and other soothing natural ingredients to provide safe, effective cleansing. They’re also formulated to be completely free of S.L.S., PVC, Paraben, Aluminum, and other harsh chemicals.


It could be you or a beloved one of yours, that has Sensitive skin or sometimes an allergy reaction, therefore, our wet ones are Hypoallergenic being 100% compliant with all types of human skin,so no allergy would irritate your skin. Dermatologically tested, to make sure that every component in our ingredients are safe. Well, that's not all, these wipes are also enriched with vitamin E and has Organic Extract! Think of it, as a must to keep reachable for every occasion!


Yes, we can definitely assure you that these Deodorant Wipes will leave NO stains what so ever, your clothes will remain as clean as prior the use of the deodorant wet ones!

Mimic the power of a shower with these EPIC ToGo Deodorant wipes, toss a few in your bag, car, case or pocket to always be ready to clean up quickly

Remain clean and refreshed with VitaWipes twenty four seven. It's the new day-to-day solution, apply within a blink of an eye.

Did you know

Did you know, when deodorizing your armpit sweating, not only are you not resolving the problem, but you actually increase it?


The fact is: when deodorizing a sweaty armpit, EVEN THOUGH YOU USE Antiperspirant Deodorant, you end up mixing the bad odor of the sweat with the deodorant scent which only makes it worse… PLUS you increase the growth of bacteria

That’s exactly where VitaWipes come in! We have sourced the perfect solution, whether you have to use Antiperspirant due to heavy sweating, or not, always keep at your reach one of VitaWipes underarm deodorant wipes ready to use, to cleanse away the bacteria, the unpleasant odor and dirt, leaving a nice clean fresh scented armpit as if you just walked out of a shower.

Once no bacteria is around, you will have a soapy natural scent and you're done! IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Isn't that cool? To feel like you just showered in a blink of an eye?

Lab tested and Certified to be stable, Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested

The safety of you and your skin is our passion! that's why we tested our formula in a Lab to make sure we can stand behind our products!

The Lab has had a dermatologist test our formula with all our ingredients used, to make sure that no irritations or any other unpleasant reaction could occur with our beauty towelettes, as our mission is not only to introduce the best solution for refreshment, but also being the healthiest possible.

hypoallergenic, tested and certified!

Since our cleansing wipes have successfully passed a professional lab test, to be hypoallergenic, therefore, don't be worried about any uncomfortable feeling or any allergic reaction, as these wet ones, will smooth and tone your skin, even if you have sensitive skin. We proudly introduce our certified hypoallergenic wipes.

Organic Extract, Natural Deodorant & Vitamin Enriched

Instead of doing just another deodorant wipe, we did the opposite...

We combined the best components, and the deodorant is 100% Natural, plus it infused Organic camellia Sinensis green tea, Vitamin E, Opuntia Ficus, and Lavender flower extract.

To Recap, we made them Healthier, Safer & Better.

These cleansing wipes are an everyday solution for deodorizing! Wipe away the potential embarrassment. No time for a shower? NO SWEAT Take along VitaWipes ToGo

You are just about to participate in a business meeting, you are hyped to introduce a presentation you have created, you want to be the life of the party, you want to attract the date you are about to meet, be confident and proud, but your schedule is really tight, you have no shower option, so just flip out of your pocket, purse or any other preferable ToGo pack you have, one of VitaWipes premium wipes, and quickly clean your armpit, neck or chest to remove bad odor,dirt & bacteria while remaining with a subtle refresh scent that blends well with everything you layer on!

Flight safe travel size deodorant individually wrapped wipes, to remain clean and deodorized through the entire travel trip

While being on a flight could really be uncomfortable, especially if you sweat and the flight could vary from a couple of hours to a very long trip, remaining refreshed and clean without compromising your health and beauty, is really something that you want to take care of easily, so remember to keep close one or two of the VitaWipes natural deodorant wipes, to be able to wipe your armpit, chest or neck and have the feeling of just walking out of a shower!

Your car is a place where you spend some precious time of your day driving to work, to meetings, or even to chill with your beloved ones!

With VitaWipes individually wrapped towelettes, we got you covered in every situation, you can always keep a couple of these incredible wipes that have a natural deodorizing formula, infused with organic ingredients, plus Vitamin E, you really can't go wrong by having them next to you for every occasion! Make it simple and save your time, just throw a couple into your car's glove compartment and you're good to hit the road!

Shopping! We love shopping! Just about to walk over to your convenient store to pick up a few things? Your errands have piled up & it's time to be taken care?

Shopping can be tremendously enjoyable, but we all know those heat waves while trying a new pair of jeans, or a blouse. it can get tricky sometimes to be on the hunt for a new favorite pair of shoes, or just checking the convenient store, for the newest or the best priced deals, you might suddenly feel uncomfortable getting the urge of refreshing being aware that you have a slight unpleasant odor since you were running around to accomplish all your errands you had planned, therefore, throw into your purse a couple of VitaWipes deodorant towelettes so you can clean your armpit, chest & neck in seconds! with a non-stain deodorant wipes, you can shop and chillax

Infused with Organic Extracts, Camellia Sinesis (Green Tea) & Cactus

Our wet wipes are Enriched with real Organic Extract, to enjoy all benefits possible!

By using Cactus extract in the deodorant wipes, we ensure to deliver moisture, it also helps to train your complexion to hold onto its moisture. Nothing keeps skin looking healthy and vibrant like the proper level of moisture. It locks moisture in so your complexion stays hydrated.

Because cactus also has cooling properties, it can help to soothe irritated and red skin.

*US Entity must send a relevant Exemption certificate, If you don't have one, and wish to continue without it, we will need to charge you with Sale Tax as USA demand it. Send it to and we will send you a new invoice, exempted from sale tax.

USA SHIPPING ONLY (For Now) *If you're asking to ship it outside of the United States we won't be able to refund your transaction. please advise, don’t place an order if you’re requesting to ship it outside of USA.

Want to ship it to Israel ? We do that 🇮🇱

*Pallet price is valid for Intercoms DDP + INSURANCE TO NYS and the area. Want to distribute VitaWipes in your State ? E-mail to to Get a new Quote

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